Anime Series Impressions – Bernard-jou Iwaku

What can be said about the short series, Bernard-jou Iwaku (What Miss Bernard Said) that I haven’t really mentioned previously? In the past few months, I have had all the time to finish this series, but it was not until recently that I finally finished the series. The titular Miss Bernard (real name – Machida… Continue reading Anime Series Impressions – Bernard-jou Iwaku

Bernard-jou Iwaku: Episode 2

After a month of IRL busy stuff, including getting an actual job (!), I think I’m finally ready to resume writing about stuff! The episode reviews might be a bit shorter, but to be honest the Episode 1 Impressions felt more like a rant than a review, so hopefully this stays more on topic. I’d… Continue reading Bernard-jou Iwaku: Episode 2

Bernard-jou Iwaku (What Miss Bernard Said): Episode 1 thoughts

There’s always that one anime each season which gets me interested enough in the premise to give it the ‘3 Episode rule’. That anime this season would be ‘Bernard-jou Iwaku’, or ‘What Miss Bernard Said’. I first came to know of this anime through MyAnimeList’s fall season catalog, as most people, and this is what it says… Continue reading Bernard-jou Iwaku (What Miss Bernard Said): Episode 1 thoughts