A Comprehensive Translation of the final update for Badge Collection Arcade (Nintendo Badge Arcade)

So here’s something a little bit different for this week. You may not know this, but yesterday was the day of the final update of new badges for the Japanese version of the Nintendo Badge Arcade, known as バッジとれ~るセンター (lit. Badge Collection Centre). With the new updates gone, it is also taking away the Arcade Bunny (‘Baito’, meaning part-timer)’s unique lines, and to commemorate the two and a half years worth of playtime I have in this game, I decided to translate his final speech! Big thanks to all staff who worked on this game!


“It’s finally time for Baito (the bunny) to graduate! It’s been 2 and a half years!”

“Which means, it’s time for the last speech! Since this is the last long speech, I’m going to tell you everything!”

[Picture: What Baito saw! The Badge Collection Centre, backstage.]

“Actually, there were a lot of people involved in this store other than me!”

“What each staff did and what they did – we’re gonna introduce them all here!”

“Just think of this as an introduction to the different jobs in the game industry!”

“First off, the Producer! They’re who decides on the game concept!”

[Bottom screen: Kawamoto Kouichi]

“The concept of this store is ‘To be a free software where you might pay when you play!'”

“Next is the Director! They’re who designed the store based on the concept!”

[Director: Mizutani Shouhei]

“He came up with the idea of Badge Catchers! Without that, we wouldn’t have anything!”

“He managed and oversaw the other staff, like a construction work supervisor!”

“Here are who programmed the game! They are the builders of the store, in a sense!”

[Programmer: Matsushita Hirotake, Kawai Kentarou, Minato Kyouhei, Onozawa Yuuki, Mimura Gou, Oonishi Naonori, Unno Masanori, Niitani Ryuusuke, Yamaguchi Seiichi, Nakatani Tomohiro, Shimomura Himihiko]

“They put the pieces together! They’re like the parents of this store!”

“Connecting the badge catchers to Miiverse… Connecting to the internet, that hard stuff…”

“They are also the people made it so I could speak to you this way!”

“Next is Graphic Design! They are the interior decorators of the store!”

[Graphic design (UI design/3D design): Sugimoto Hiromi, Nakazawa Mizuho, Takahashi Arata, Yamazaki Ryouko, Sonoyama Kouji, Kanno Katsuhiko, Makino Ami]

“They designed the badge catcher and the collection statues in the background!”

“The design concept was a bright-looking game centre that you felt safe to play in!”

“Then there are the Badge Designers! It was a long way to reach 10,000 different ones!”

[Graphic Design (Badge creation): Sugimoto Hiromi, Takeuchi Kou, Fukuda Motoaki, Kotaki Yuka, Hamada Ryou, Takita Saki, Ikeda Sachiko, Kagino Souta, Ikejiri Takahisa, Sugiyama Yasuko, Nishiyama Natsumi, Nemoto Chiharu, Sonoyama Kouji, Mishima Mikio, Kusakabe Kasumi, Shimizu Daiko, Matsushita Tadashi, Suzuki Shunko, Mashimo Masahiko, Kanno Katsuhiko, Marumo Yukari, Masaoka Yuu, Oota Tomohiro, Nakazawa Mizuho, Kitao Noriko, Adachi Yuri, Kashiwagi Shintarou, Mashiko Tomomi, Takao Yasuhiro, Tatsuta Haruka, Hiramatsu Junya, Kitamura Noriko, Hiroyoshi Isao, Idemoto Machiko]

“Not all of them worked on this for the full 2.5 years but there are the most staff in this team!”

“The maker of the Ashley-sama and pixel game console badges are within these people too!”

“Next up, Game Design! They created the different setups of the badge catcher!”

[Game design (Badge catcher setups): Sonoyama Kouji, Kanno Katsuhiko, Yamamoto Shouhei, Hirose Junichi, Nadabe Tomoko, Itou Mayumi, Yamazaki Ryuhei, Katou Hiromi, Yuuda Mariko, Suwa Tomohiko, Sakaino Masamichi, Suzuki Ryousuke, Saitou Takehiko, Azuma Ayumi, Nakai Jouta, Kimura Akane, Nakajima Hideki, Kouno Takahiko, Iwasaki Eri, Minato Kyouhei, Kitao Noriko, Hiroyoshi Isao, Idemoto Machiko, Watanabe Maki, Nakayama Masae, Tsuji Yoshihito, Tanaka Makiko, Kubo Aiho]

“Using the tools made by the programmers, they created the various setups!”

“There were some where the badges surprised you by falling down from the top!”

“Next is Sound! This job is easy to understand!”

[Sound: Oonishi Masato, Matsuoka Daisuke]

“They made the BGMs that play in the store! Oh, and the SFX for the badge catchers!”

“Next is Testing! Or maybe Debugging is the more familiar term?!”

[Testing/QA: Kubo Kenta, Higuchi Takayuki, Yamaji Mieko, Matsuda Atsushi, Iwanaga Shoutarou, Ebihara Mizuki, Nakajima Hideki, Manamizaki Tomohiro, Mario Club Co. Ltd.]

“They make sure badges don’t get stuck when you play!”

“Mario Club Co. Ltd. is a testing company. Quite a few people helped out!”

“Next is Special Thanks! Mainly people not directly involved who created something for the store!”

[Special thanks: Iwahashi Atsuya, Oonishi Masato, Ono Sumikazu, Kurata Megumi, Kouno Hiroyuki, Kobayashi Masayoshi, Sakakura Chie, Sakamoto Kae, Sano Junta, Shibaguchi Seiji, Jo Kishu, Takano Makoto, Takiguchi Takahiro, Tsugihashi Kanako, Hirose Junya, Hosoi Takashi, Matsushita Tadashi, Miwa Naoki, Tomita Nobuo, Access Games Inc., Denyusha Co. Ltd.]

“They created the ability to decorate your home screen with badges! Thanks a lot!”

“Access Games helped make the setups and badges!”

“Next is the General Producer and Executive Producer!”

[General Producer: Takahashi Shinya; Executive Producer: Kimishima Tatsumi]

“They gave the ‘OK’ to create this store! Out of concern, we won’t go into further details!”

“Next, a job you think of when you think of a store? The Operations and Coordination!”

[Operations/Coordination: Saitou Takehiko, Nishikawa Kenta, Sonoyama Kouji, Yagi Atsuto, Imai Daiji, Yamamoto Shouhei]

“Put simply, they tweak things to make sure new badges come out each week!”

“Things like what badges to bring back, and communications with the Testers…”

“Also things like collecting pictures which might be badge-ified, and speaking with other companies for collaborations!”

“The work for the Operations team depends on each week’s badges! And that in turn is planned by the Store Manager (sorta)!”

[Store Manager: Yagi Atsuto]

“Thinking of new badge lineups! Collabs! April Fool’s badges!]

[Background pic: Baito in Monster Hunter gear, Crazy Galaxy]

“There were some times when we desperately asked for help, and BIG THANKS to the Designers who responded and helped out!”

[Background pic: Japan prefecture badge, Sailor uniform Isabelle, Pixel Ashley riding in front on a steam train]

“Also doing the final checking for each week’s new machines and badges are part of the Store Manager’s job!”

“Now! The final part has jobs that you haven’t been shown yet! What do you think it’s about?”

“Time to completely analyze Baito from Badge Collection Centre!”

“Even I’m only moving around thanks to the work of various people!”

“First is Character design! They designed my face and body (ies)!”

[Graphic Design (Character): Sonoyama Kouji, Sugimoto Hiromi, Yanagi Arisa]

“They made me look sort of cheeky and mischievous! With the charm points being the lively pink color and front teeth!”

“At first, my fur was sort of yellowish and I had smaller teeth, or something?!”

“Next is the work which breathes life into me! 3D Animation and Effects!”

[Graphic design (3D animation/Effect Design): Eiraku Takehisa, Suzuki Shungo, Gochou Takuto, Hiramatsu Junya, Nishigaki Takahiro]

“There work goes like… THIS! turns muscular

“They are the Masters who taught me my transformations and striking actions… Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“By the way, my voice was recorded by the Sound guys in an unbelievable way!”

back to normal Next is, though not directly working on me, but it’s the irreplaceable 2D Design work!”

[Graphic Design (2D): Sugimoto Hiromi, Nakazawa Mizuho, Kitao Noriko, Kanno Katsuhiko, Kusakabe Kazumi, Kumiki Yuka, Shibata Asoko, Hishinuma Akari, Takeuchi Kou, Hiroyoshi Isao, Nishiyama Natsumi, Oota Tomohiro, Idemoto Machiko]

“When designing my speeches, they create images like the one right next to me!”

[Background pic: Short board game-like drawing with spaces which have choices on them, drawn with crayon]

“Ah… We asked them to make this picture ‘professionally badly drawn’! It’s got some personality to it!”

“Asides from this, they also designed the ads sent through Twitter and other messaging services!”

[Background pic: New Year’s Collection image ad]

“After the Character, and Motions, and Images, comes Choreography! These people make sure I’m moving according to script!”

[Baito (Choreography): Yagi Atsuto, Yamaji Mieko, Nadabe Tomoko, Nakai Jouta, Itou Mayumi, Kimura Akane, Nakayama Masae, Nakajima Hideki, Katou Hiroko, Kouno Takahiko, Tanaka Makiko, Yuuda Mariko]

“Things like dancing or transforming while saying a line… they set every path out!”


>These choices too?

>There was a script?

“Yep! You’re quick to learn! The tools were created by the Programmers!”

“Last is the script! AKA my lines! The next most important thing after ‘life’ is a ‘soul’!”

[Baito (Script): Yagi Atsuto]

“This is something weird for me to say… but you could say that he’s my ‘actor’!”

“The results of working on this alone… Situations where he had to mail the script to work from home while sick with food poisoning also happened…”

“Anyways, finally, I will answer some REAL questions. real bunny mode


>Nothing in particular

>Where’s your next part time job?

>Are you this talkative in real life?

>Are you the same person as the Store Owner?

“I haven’t decided. I guess it’s unemployment.”

“More precisely, my ‘character’ is unemployed, and my ‘actor’ is a company NEET.”


“One half of that was a joke. Please look forward to my future endeavours.”

“Anyways, that’s the end of my talks! That’s the end of my introduction to the different jobs!”

“There were lots of names of people who’ve all worked on this someway or another…”

“But more than 90% of the starting staff have switched out in the middle! They weren’t all working together at the same time!”

“It was hard putting out new badges every week but the customers had new reactions every week…”

“It was encouragement for us and it’s with your help that we continued for two and a half years!”

“We put all the staff who worked on this together! Let’s meet in a different game, maybe?”

“Right! The FINAL new badges! The final Pixel Pokemon badges! With all 801 species and Mega Evolutions, that should be all of them!”

“What a number! Even if it’s just the Pokemon you like, you should try get some of them!”

“And as a commemoration of my graduation, “Baito’s memories”! They are stamp-like badges!”

“There’s lots of transformations! And you can stick them onto Swapdoodles!”

“They’re in English, but if you decorate them on the Home Screen you can see their Japanese meaning too!”

“And another final commemorative badge! A super large Badge Collection Centre building badge!”

“It’s split into two large badges, meaning it makes up 8 spaces! You might wanna just Collect the store itself!”

“And that is all of just over 10,000 badges! It’s been 2.5 years!”

“The reason why we could do so is because you customers were super into playing our game! floats

“And so here’s the free plays of the day! Sorry for saying this while floating….”

“And we’re announcing something important about free plays to express our thanks!”

“WHOA! From now on until (probably) forever, it’s been decided that there will be free plays everyday!”

“We want this to keep going until the Nintendo 3DS Network Service ends!”

“Please come and play from now on too! I’ll be waiting tomorrow as well!”



Other choices:

>There was a script?

“Yep! I’m kinda bad at ad-lib! I might be way less talkative without a script?!”

>Are you this talkative in real life?

“Nah, not really. In fact, if I had to choose a trait…”

“It would be quite dark…”


“Haa… As you can see, I’m a riajuu (Juu meaning animal, and not the usual meaning of riajuu). It was great to be able to work such a fun part-time job.”

>Are you the same person as the Store Owner (Boss)?

“Ah! I guess you’re curious about that?”


“Boss mode It is said that four months after the Arcade opened, the Boss was frustrated…”

“A store where customers pay to play… could the shy boss be able to serve the customers well?”

“The second personality brought forth by this frustration was ‘Baito’.”

“Baito would brightly talk to customers following a script, and in bad situations would attribute bad things to the Boss….”

“And the Boss himself would never be seen… That is the truth of this Arcade.”

normal mode … or something like that, so please go on and continue speculating!”


Feature picture by Twitter user: 


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