SD Gundam G Generations Genesis (SDG-GGG): Fun Grinding

Recently, I’ve finally bought a PS4 Slim!

Obviously, I don’t have many games on it yet. Just 3 of them right now: KOF14, Earth Defense Force 4.1: Shadow of New Despair, and SDG-GGG (please see title of this post for the full title).

It’s been a long while since a new G Gen game has come out – five years I believe, which means that I was still in the middle of secondary school, playing SDG-GG Over World on the PSP. Five years means that there has been a lot of change since then, and since the end of the year is coming up and I find myself in a reflective mood, I decided to write this post talking about what is surprisingly one of my favorite aspects of G Gen – the grinding.


An introduction to grinding in G Gen: You have a production list for all the different mechs that can be created in the game. Each individual robot has up to 4 options that it can be developed into, and one of the completionist aspect is registering all the potential developments into the master list. Furthermore there is also maxing out pilot levels and stats, collecting Capital (currency in-game) to spend on the aforementioned creation list and buy option parts.

…Sounds like a hassle, huh?

Well I can’t deny that it is a hassle. Level upping pilots takes quite some time, and soon the unit levels needed to Develop them into higher/lower tiered units gets high quite quickly. But I’m having fun doing it, even though I don’t seem to find grinding fun in other games.

Perhaps this is because of how you visually see your units getting stronger. The development team have lovingly given each unit it’s own unique animations, and while a lot is really just numbers going up, it’s fun seeing your units change into something cooler, or change color schemes… I’d compare this to Promoting units in Fire Emblem, except you get to see the promotion aspect quite a few more times.

The other aspect I feel is that it’s fun to watch your own units that you’ve spent time upgrading, massacring mooks. The G Gen series (or at least the titles I’ve played) isn’t quite known for its difficulty compared to the Super Robot Wars franchise, because most weapons can be used post-movement, and because defeating any enemy unit nets the victor a Chance Step, basically an extra turn. As such, it’s reasonably easy to strategically leave weakened mooks hanging just to give your units a boost in distance, and sweep the map in just a few turns.

For whatever the reason, I’m just glad that this series prides itself on the multitude of Mobile Suits that can be developed. It’s really the best aspect of the gameplay of the series. And I’m having just a blast playing this game on my new PS4.


Wish you all a happy Xmas!



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