Bernard-jou Iwaku: Episode 2

After a month of IRL busy stuff, including getting an actual job (!), I think I’m finally ready to resume writing about stuff! The episode reviews might be a bit shorter, but to be honest the Episode 1 Impressions felt more like a rant than a review, so hopefully this stays more on topic.

I’d also like to mention that despite saying that I would read the source material at the end of my first episode impressions, I could not find any readable version of the manga, translated or otherwise. It looks like my impressions will have to be based off the anime after all. At the very least, I am coming into Episodes 2 with tempered expectations. Anyways, let’s move onto Episode 2.

Episode 2:



Episode 2 does a lot to mend some of the bad impressions wrought by Episode 1. This is in part due to a more focused topic for half on an episode – namely, the Sherlock Holmes series. This also meant that the librarian Hasegawa Sumika, who was glossed over in the first episode, finally got a chance to shine, as it turned out that she is an avid Sherlockian. She likes Endou-kun and tries to use the fact that he’s reading A Study in Scarlet to get closer to him… except it turns out that he barely has any interest in the more detailed aspects of Holmes in the way she likes. The episode even touches on this later on, as he recommends a book named Shuulock Holmes, which is about a cook who solves mysteries. He then gets confused when Hasegawa seems to treasure it a lot.

I was sort of apathetic towards Hasegawa and Endou’s relationship, mainly because Endou has the personality of a brick. It’s funny when her expectations are dashed though – I just don’t get why she would like Endou in the first place. On the topic of Holmes though, I’ve definitely had the experience of meeting a Sherlockian, and Hasegawa matched what I first thought of him.

The other half of Episode 2 focuses on Machida and Kanbayashi, the other two of the quartet of introduced characters. Machida wants Kanbayashi to introduce an SF book that will get adapted into a movie soon, in order to gloat about how the book is better. It’s a funny ‘shots fired’ gag that works, because it hits widely and not just SF readers.

Kanbayashi then has to decide between introducing a book that wasn’t translated well, or making Machida put the book on her backlog. Naturally this sends her into a funk, because every reader has known this feeling – you decide ‘I’ll read it later’ -> you never get around to it -> you forget about it. This is the reason why I keep a document detailing my book list. This is relatable, and this part of the episode made this episode worth watching.


It’s thus kind of sad that Bernard-jou goes back into reference spewing once Machida asks Kanbayashi what her favorite book is. But at least this time (and hopefully going forward) this will be confined to Kanbayashi’s character, because I think it’s alright to have that kind of character in this type of show.


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