Pokemon Sun & Moon Pre-release excitement! Things I’m looking forward to!

A new generation of Pokemon, a new set of games to fall in love with. While Gen 6 was quite technically impressive to me with the switch to 3D, there was quite a bit that I thought needed improvement. For example, the battles were in all honesty quite disappointing, being just the Gen 5 and before-style battle scene, including circles beneath the feet of Pokemon, with 3D Pokemon models instead of sprites. How about the lackluster 3D effect used in-game? Pokemon X and Y used 3D in certain caves and during battles, but not only does the framerate stutter when 3D is used in battle, it is unusable in the overworld most of the time.

Well it doesn’t look like Game Freak has found a way to overcome the lackluster usage of 3D, but there’s still lots to be excited about! Here’s my personal highlights:

1. We can see our trainers behind the Pokemon now

As mentioned above, battles were mostly kept to the style of previous generations in Gen 6. While it seems we’ll need to wait for the NX to see Coliseum-style battles, we’re at least a step forward by seeing the trainers in battle. Forget immersion – I’m just glad the trainer is being given some prominence in battle similar to the various Pokemon animated series.


2. Customization is back, and hats are off!

While I’ve had no major grudge with the various hats we’ve worn throughout the series (my favorite being Lucas’ hat), I’ve never personally been a hat guy. And well, now I get to NOT be one, with the returning improved customization. Well, hat girl, since I alternate between playing male and female trainer every game. And what’s this? The latest trailer shows more hairstyle options and the option for makeup? I completely approve of Pokemon’s shift to being Style Savvy-lite.

I mean… I’m not the only person who spent most of the Pokemon XY post-game clothes collecting right?

3. The completely different plot style, plus version differences

This is probably the bit that everyone’s been focused on. Blam, Team Skull and Aether Foundation outta nowhere. Ultra Beasts? What are those? But most of all, traditional gyms are gone, and instead we have a variety of challenges. I’m looking forward to seeing if the Elite 4+Champion structure stays or goes. While there’s no harm in familiarity if it doesn’t lead to stagnancy (and I’m sure the usual formula will be back for the eventual Gen 4 remakes), I look forward to seeing how these games will blow my brains out.

Version differences are probably the most drastic in this generation as well. Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart, meaning that Nighttime in Sun Version will be Daytime in Moon Version. Although this change is probably mainly aesthetic, I decided to get Moon Version mainly due to this change. I’m more of a night owl, after all.


Anyways, just a few points that excite me the most! I’m looking forward to November!


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